Hello everyone!

I’m Kochira and I will be your coach, your girlfriend (perhaps your enemy too ;p) for Jom Kurus Season 9! For this season, I’m going to go even harder than before while remaining sweet at the same time, of course. I will train you so hard that you’re going to love me so much by the end of the program.

Why? Because you’ll be a brand new person, you’ll aqcuire new confidence, it will change the way you talk, the way you walk and even the way you look at yourself.

How do I know that? Because I’ve gone through this before. I have battled with weight issues post-pregnancy and it wasn’t my body that I hate, but the feeling that my body doesn’t belong to me anymore. I looked at the mirror and I see myself, but that person isn’t really me.

So if you ever feel like that before, or currently feeling that way. Join me and together we will work on your fitness goals. You don’t need to wait to love your body when you reach your ideal weight, in fact you can start loving it now by committing to change.

AND that CHANGE is JK1M9. So come on girls, and lets be friends!

Q Why Ladies Only? Are you gender-biased?

No! I’m definitely not! After my pregnancy, I went through so many ups and downs just to get one person to understand my feelings. It is not my weight that I battled, it’s the confidence that I’ve lost! So after finding that person I thought hey this is bad. Such a shame that women have to go through this. And from that moment onwards I only have my eyes set on empowering ladies.

Q Where and what time will the training be held?

Training will be on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday it will be at SP4 Basketball Court from 730-9am. On Sunday, will be at Fitness Inspire Gym from 9am-11am. There’s going to be additional workout session too on Tuesday, but its limited for gym members only which I highly suggest that youd sign up for it because afterall you’ll be needing to go to the gym anyway.

Q Is this program Kid-friendly? Can I babywear my child?

This program is definitely kid-friendly and you can choose to babywear your child. However, there will be few exercises that is going to limit you if you’re babywearing. It doesn’t mean that you wont be able to workout, I will modify it as you go but I can understand how sometimes you just want to focus on yourself especially if youre taking your weekend morning as your ‘me’ time, so this option is available only when there are really no people to look after your kids. Otherwise, please try your best to cater this 6-week program only for you.

Q What does weight training means? And Why do we need it?

Weight training is where you will be doing exercises with weights like dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells. Examples of these workout is, kettlebell swing, Dumbbell Overhead Press and Barbell Squat. Training with weights help you to build muscle, and these muscles are the one that’s going to give you the ‘lean’ look as you burn your fat away.

Q Can pregnant woman join?

You may join as long as your medical practitioner gives you a go. Workout modifications will be given depending on your bump size and the trimester you're in.

Q Can diabetic people join?

I’m not a certified dietician, so I would highly recommend you to join teamleader that is more experienced in nutrition for diabetic. Log on jk1m9, and search for dietitian.

Q What other benefits that I can get from this program?

Aside from super fun loving coach? Well, you will also get 12-week fit planner, personalized meal plan, 24/7 online coaching and countless support from your one and only.

Q What do I do if I have more questions and they're not listed here?

Call me!

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  • Additional Program Notes:Activities will be held twice a week or more depending on participants.
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